Loyalty program TABAT

General terms and conditions

Principle of operation of the loyalty program: The TABAT loyalty program is operated by TABAT spol. Ltd. with its registered office at Centrum 19/24, 017 01 Považská Bystrica, IČO: 36304557. The company is registered in the Commercial Register OS Trenčín, odd .: Sro vl.č. 11137 / R (hereinafter referred to as TABAT). The loyalty program is intended for customers of the TABAT company, who can use the benefits resulting from the conditions of the loyalty program when making their purchases in the Slovak Republic.

Membership conditions: Every customer becomes a member – a person over 18 years of age who duly, completely and truthfully fills in the registration form in any TABAT store and hands it over to the operating staff who issues the card. By filling out and signing the registration form, the customer agrees to the general conditions of membership and declares that he has read them. Membership in the program is free. A member can submit only one application, multiple membership is not possible. A legal entity cannot become a member of the program. The general conditions of membership are available in any TABAT store. The club member undertakes to update changes to his personal data, if any occurred during the membership when visiting the TABAT store. TABAT reserves the right to terminate the loyalty program or change its membership conditions at any time.

General rules: The validity of the membership in the loyalty program and all the following conditions apply only to stores in the Slovak Republic. Rules for providing discounts: The member receives only after presenting the card a flat discount for each purchase made in accordance with the achieved cumulative retail turnover. It is not possible to provide a discount without presenting the card (physically or electronically) and it is also not possible to reload points. The member automatically receives benefits from membership in the program only if the following conditions are met. The purchase with the card and the possibility to draw discounts starts on the day of registration of the card in the computer system of the company TABAT spol.s r.o. during the subsequent purchase. Every 1 euro paid for a permanent purchase in TABAT stores in the Slovak Republic is cumulated under the card number. The loyalty card is used only by specific members who are registered. If it is found that a customer who applies a discount on purchases is not a registered member, the card may be blocked and the membership canceled. THE FOLLOWING DISCOUNTS ARE GRANTED WHEN THE TURNOVER LEVEL IS REACHED:

1 € – 799 € 2%

€ 800 – € 2999 3.5%

€ 3,000 – more 5%

Termination and Termination of Membership: A Program Member may terminate its membership at any time upon written request of the Member. This does not affect a member’s right to re-register. By canceling and terminating the membership, all points accumulated on the membership card will be canceled at the same time. TABAT is entitled to cancel the membership if the member violates the general conditions of membership.

Protection of personal data: By signing the registration form, the program member grants TABAT in accordance with the provisions of § 11 par. 1 of Act no. 122/2013 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts (hereinafter referred to as the “ZoOOÚ”) consent to the processing of your personal data specified in this form, as well as data on your business practices for the entire duration of membership in the loyalty program. In the case of confirmation of consent to the sending of marketing messages, you grant TABAT in accordance with the provisions of § 11 par. 1 ZoOOÚ consent to the sending of offers of goods and services provided by the company TABAT by e-mail, telephone or via SMS resp. MMS messages. You grant this consent to the processing of personal data for the duration of your membership in the program. The program member acknowledges that his / her consents may be revoked at any time in writing to the registered office of the operator or by writing a voting form at the TABAT store. TABAT declares that it will use the processed personal data only for the above-mentioned purposes. Personal data will not be provided to third parties. Pursuant to §28 ZoOOÚ, a club member has the right to request: a) confirmation of whether or not his personal data are processed, b) in a generally comprehensible form information on the processing of personal data in the information system to the extent of § 15 par. 1 letter (a) to (e) the second to sixth points of the ZoOOÚ; (c) in a generally comprehensible form, precise information on the source from which TABAT obtained his personal data for processing; (d) in a generally comprehensible form, a list of his personal data which are the subject of processing; f) liquidation of personal data whose purpose of processing has ended, g) liquidation of personal data which are the subject of processing, if the Personal Data Protection Act has been violated, h) blocking of his personal data due to revocation of consent before its expiration, as also other rights regulated in the ZoOOÚ.

The above general conditions of membership in the loyalty program are valid from 1.12.2020