Our more than 30 years experience has taught us we are only as good as our suppliers. It’s why we seek the best and treat each as a valued partner.

The following information will be helpful for prospective suppliers:

We have built our success on finding unique quality brands that we can offer our customers at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in providing styles and products that last — we call it “slow fashion”. We seek new products that can compliment our existing line.

We treat our suppliers like they are part of our team. We expect excellence, but are patient and understanding when things happen that are outside of our control. You’ll be happy working with us because we aim to make it so.

We have a modern, city center location with abundant retail space. We have approximately:

  • Apparel 500 m2
  • Shoes 160 m2
  • Home Linens 150 m2
  • Fabrics 150 m2
  • Sewing Crafts 36 m2

We have been in business more than 30 years. We opened our first store in 1991.

We are located in the Povazska Bystrica city center. You can find maps and directions here.

Apparel TABAT

A view of the TABAT apparel department.

Men's Shoes TABAT

A view of the men’s shoe department in the TABAT shoe store.

Household linens TABAT
Household Linens

A view of our household linens and fabrics department at TABAT.

Sewing supplies TABAT
Sewing Supplies

A view of our sewing supplies department at TABAT.

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